Trent Griffin-Braaf is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He owns his own transportation company, Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle. Ventures include commercial and residential real estate, Prison Bosses: The Podcast, and opening March 1st, the Beauty Bar (salon).
Before starting a transportation business, Trent spent 3 years incarcerated for narcotic sales. Finding it hard to get a job once released, he spent a full year working temp positions until he got his break. That opportunity came from the hotel industry where he worked his way from entry-level position (houseman) to general manager. After a successful career within the hospitality industry, Trent realized a need for transportation for local hotels and that’s how his vision for Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle started. Today his company helps that same industry with all its transportation needs and works with over 50 hotels across the region.
Trent enjoys spending time with his family which consists of his wife of 10 years and 3 daughters. He enjoys reading, learning new things, and helping others. He is passionate about his youth mentorships and his influence as the only minority or ex-felon on the board of community justice which helps other ex-offenders.
Trent’s available for speaking engagements, as well as private business or re-entry consultations. You can reach Trent at Trent@techvalleyshuttle or