• October 30 – Committee Meeting
  • November 8, 30 – Committee Meeting / Board Meetings
  • December 4 – Begin model recruitment
  • December 4 – Tour Venue Hearst Media, Save the dates post cards design & Logo,                        Create Sponsorship packages, Create Model incentive gift boxes and letters
  • January 7 – Send Out Save The Dates, Mail Sponsorship Letters, Press Release
  • January 31- Models Bio’s and Web links tested and active
  • February 15 – Meet & Greet the models Show Q & A Glen Peter – Central Ave, Albany. 5:30pm-7:30pm Glenn Peter will provide food and donations from Bar.
  • March 4, – Deadline for Sponsorship Inclusion in invitation
  • March 15 – Invitations to printer
  • March 22- Artist Bio’s for Program Booklet deadline
  • March 26- Deadline for Sponsorship inclusion in Program Booklet
  • April 1- Mask Deadline
  • April 1 – Mail Invitations
  • April 8 – Program Booklet Edits/Print
  • April 8 – Models Fittings
  • April 15- Deadline: Collect Art, Sculptures, and Pieces for Auction; Bring to Nami Office
  • May 1 – RSVP Due- Fashion Show
  • May 10 – Show Time
  • June 12- ReCap Party

November:                    Steering Committee

  • Board Meeting – November 30
  • Review Budget, Fundraising Goals
  • Determine Venue
  • Recruit Models
  • Secure domain www.offthemask.com
  • Create Logo – OFF THE MASK


December:                    Finalize Sponsorship Packages

  • Develop mailing list for Sponsor prospects, formal invitations, & Save the Dates post cards
  • Continue Recruit Models- Create Fundraising Pages for All models, & Artist, etc
  • Send Welcome Gift and Acknowledgement letter
  • Plan Meet and Greet
  • Develop Sponsorship Letter and Package
  • Finalize Save the Date Post Card – Send to print
  • Create Program Booklet AD offers


January:                         Action Steps #1

  • Mail Save the Dates
  • Mail Sponsorship Letters
  • Send Out Press Release
  • UpLoad Bio’s and Build Personal Fundraising Pages for all models & artist
  • Secure MCee
  • Secure Celebrity Speaker
  • Secure Local Political Officials
  • Secure additional committee members if needed
  • Secure Live Auctioneer if needed, LeGrande Serras
  • Secure Event Lead Sponsor
  • Follow up on all sponsors with phone calls
  • Prepare Letter or Sponsorship letter for Honorary Co- Chairs or Honorary Committee (if needed)


February:             Action Steps #2

  • Follow up on Sponsorship with email/phone calls
  • Recruit Models – Get Bio’s, photos and create weblink
  • Recruit Artist- Get Bio’s, photo’s and create weblink
  • Host Meet and Greet Q &A at Glenn Peter 2/15 5pm.

March:                 Action Steps #3

  • Deadline for Sponsorship Inclusion in invitation
  • Invitations to printer
  • Artist Bio’s for Program Booklet deadline
  • Deadline for Sponsorship inclusion in Program Booklet
  • Create Silent Auction for Art Work Bid Forms
  • Create Candle Of Hope Table Signage (Battery Operated)
  • Order Prizes for Top 3 Fundraiser
  • All Fundraising kicks off March 4- May 10.(keeps the game fair for all models)


April:                    Action Steps #4

  • Mail Invitations
  • Program Booklet Edits
  • Program Booklet Print
  • Models Fittings
  • Collect All Art for Auction
  • Follow Up with the entire show production team

Models, Artist, Media, Press, Advertising, Radio, DJ, Venue, Photographers, Flowers, Vendors, Gift Bags/ Swags, Everyone etc. Follow up.


May:                    Final Push/ Show Time!

  • Final Model Fittings (if needed)
  • RSVP due
  • Organize VIP Seating for Sponsors
  • VIP Seating for Guest
  • Create Swag Bags for VIP tickets (optional)


June:                              ReCap Party


The ReCap Party is for all who participated in the production on the show. That includes the Steering Committee, DJ, Artist, Models, Hair Stylist, Board Members, Video, Photographers, Everyone. As a Thank you and an official close. The final fundraising total is also shared that night because donations will continue to flood in. It’s essential to thank our community during the recap party. Approx 40 people attend. We usually can get donated or at cost.