Mission Statement

NAMI-New York State is dedicated to the support and education of families of
people with serious and persistent brain disorders (mental illness). NAMI-New
York State advocates for better services in the public system of care, seeks to
educate the public about the myths of mental illness to eradicate stigma, and
supports brain research.

Our larger purposes are:

  1. To improve the quality of life for our relatives that suffer from brain disorders (mental illness).
  2. To provide a forum where parents, spouses, siblings, adult offsprings, and friends of
    individuals with brain disorders (mental illness) may share experiences and give emotional
    support to one another.
  3. To protect the rights and promote the welfare, comfort, and well being of individuals with
    brain disorders (mental illness), particularly those who are too ill to speak for themselves.
  4. To encourage and assist in the development of improved treatment, housing, care and,
    employment for individuals with brain disorders (mental illness).
  5. To foster the advancement of research leading to more effective treatment of brain disorders
    (mental illness).
  6. To work for an enlightened and more sympathetic public understanding of mental illness with the hope of diminishing the stigma and discrimination associate with the biological brain
  7. To undertake any activity that future experience may indicate is of benefit to individuals with
    brain disorders (mental illness) and their families including the encouragement of membership
    in the organization by local groups or at large members.

NAMI-New York State
99 Pine Street Suite 105
Albany NY 10027
Telephone: 518-462-2000
Helpline: 800-950-3228