If you asked me to describe myself, I would tell you I am a musician, hardcore dork (dad jokes are my specialty), entrepreneur, insanely passionate creative, song-writer, model, and just overall lover of people. My ultimate goals in life are to spread kindness, help people, share messages of self-reflection and self-love through my music, and build up everyone around me on the daily.

As someone who holds the campaign #endthestigma so close to their heart, being a 2020 Off The Mask Model would fill my life up with so much joy. To be able to embrace this message in such a public light, and encourage even more people to welcome it into their lives on a large platform, would be a phenomenal honor. I stand for everything and anything that supports ending the stigma of mental health, and raising awareness for mental illness’s of all shapes and colors.

NAMI-NYS Perspectives Episode Featuring Megan Moran