Hi, my name is Kolbie Glionna, and I was born and raised in Amsterdam, New York. I am a Coach at Orangetheory Fitness in Niskayuna, a certified personal trainer, and also a part time barber. I am cat walking for NAMI because mental illness is a huge problem in this world, and I believe we all suffer from it just a little bit, but others know how to deal with it a little better. Mental illness leads to things such as suicide, or drug addiction, and it is something that is so overlooked! It is an honor to raise awareness on this issue. My favorite quote is “It’s how you rise from a fall that truly defines you as a man.” I believe that it’s all about how you bounce back once you failed that really shows what kind of person you are. It also ties into mental illness, and shows that anyone can truly overcome something with a right mindset. There’s always going to be hurdles in life, but it is all about how we overcome them!