Please support our NAMI-NYS Mental Health Ambassador-Models’ fundraising events!

5/22/2020 Megan Moran-Mental Health Awareness Instagram Live Benefit Concert 

NAMI-NYS Instagram Live Benefit Show to Raise Awareness of Mental Health featuring Off The Mask Model Ambassador, Megan Moran

Join in on a fun evening of live music! No registration needed, this unique event will be featured on Instagram Live in support of NAMI-NYS Off The Mask Model Ambassador, Megan Moran as well as to raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month. Megan will be joined by four phenomenally talented ladies, Sorrow Estate, Lana Rose, Caity Gallagher, and Taylor Wing in performing live music. To view this concert, you will need to be active on Instagram and will then be able to view this concert live on Instagram Friday through @mmeganmoran instagram acount, May 22nd beginning at 8pm. Also, please consider making a donation to Megan Moran, which will support her mission in walking the runway for the NAMI-NYS 2020 Off The Mask event. 

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