Madeline: “I am 9-yrs old and I have a loving mom and dad. I have 2 brothers I love. I like ot help people. I do competitive dance and I love to have fun with everyone around me. I am participating in Off The Mask because I love to help other kids and adults. I like to show that all of us can do something to help others. I’m so glad that I can help to raise money for NAMI again!”

Quentin: “I love karate, baseball, the outside (winter is my least favorite) and I like to have fun. I like to have friends over. I like to make new things from other things. I want to be an Off The Mask model because it will help other people here in New York which it also helps the world.”

Carter: “I am an 11-yr old gymnast who really likes school and helping charity. I like to play video games and hang with my friends. I want to be an Off the Mask model because it will help people. It’s going to be a great event to raise money for a great cause.”