4″ H x 5.5″ W


Amanda Stickney is an artist in the Capital District. She concentrates on the connection between one’s self and the events that happen within their life; capturing emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment. Mostly aimed at pottery and ceramic sculpture, she has begun to spread out into other mediums. She has been active in the museum field since 2007 and has been in multiple shows, including the Mohawk Hudson Regional, Hidden Truths: The Mind Unraveled (CA), and Unique Perspectives; Artists of the Capital Region. She has her BFA in ceramics from UMass Dartmouth and is in the process of getting her MA from Johns Hopkins University.

I wish to donate the work to help raise funds to educate those who don’t know enough about the numbers of people who deal with mental illness. As one who deals with depression, it should never be thought of as something that can be easily cast aside.